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450 Calorie Spicy Chicken Sandwich Recipe!

Check out the Brand New Air Fryer Recipe Book! Follow me on IG! Spicy Chicken Sandwich Recipe! Macros for each Chicken Sandwich: 488 Cals, 42g Carbs, 12g Fat, 53g Protein Ingredients (makes 8 Chicken Breasts for Sandwiches) 48oz Chicken Breast 100g All Purpose Flour (check bottom of recipe for notes on this) 120g Panko Bread Crumbs 2 Large Eggs 40 Taps Cholula Hot Sauce Seasonings: A dash of all of the following Sea Salt Garlic Powder Black Pepper Onion Powder…

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Stuffed tomatoes is a classic dish during the long and sunny Italian summers: every family has its own recipe! Here is our recipe: big juicy tomatoes stuffed with rice and three different type of cheese, Grana Padano, scamorza and pecorino for a crispy and delicious crust. A simple yet tasty veggie main dish! WANT MORE RECIPES? SUBSCRIBE NOW: ► DON’T FORGET TO TAP ON THE BELL ICON TO RECEIVE ALL NOTIFICATIONS! ★ STEP BY STEP RECIPE (WITH PICS): ★ INGREDIENTS…

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